Unfortunately I couldn’t upload this directly to wordpress, so here’s my soundcloud link to the podcast: https://soundcloud.com/patternzz/yeah

Scripting this podcast went like this:

1. Present the idea, use the sample

2. Talk about the 10,000 hour rule in a little more depth, use the other sample

3. Discuss the 2,000 hour concept.

Were it that I had more time, I would have discussed a few more ideas that contribute to the 2,000 hour rule, but I didn’t have the time necessary since it was a 6min podcast already.

To reflect on this experiment, I must say that I think the podcast could potentially help those struggling to break the psychology of the insurmountable goal of learning a new skill. Technically I didn’t have a problem making it, but organizing my thoughts was a bit trickier, as I wanted to be informal but structured, quite a challenge.

What this project taught me was that podcasting is pretty simple, and can be an effective means of communication if I’m making an informal argument. To make a formal, scholarly argument, however, I believe writing would still be preferable, just as I think speeches don’t convey the complexity of a position as well as a paper does.


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