I’m a person, and I have a blog. I live in Rock Hill, SC right now.

As the title of my blog suggests, I have quite a love of aphorisms and often see them as a window to the soul that is clearer and more precise than lengthier texts. Omnia vanitas is translated as “All is vanity”, a quote from the Qoheleth, the “Teacher”, in Ecclesiastes. I love the quote because it so perfectly sums up a quite sad and also quite relieving “fact” about life. Interestingly, the Qoheleth is literally translated as “Gatherer”, not “Teacher”, and I can understand the relationship; in his exposition he claims to have seen farther and wider than any man in his time, to have traversed more of the world and to have experienced more of life. He gathered up the experiences of his life, and with the length of his arms acquired more knowledge than any beside him. And he ended up proclaiming that all of it was vanity, a chasing after wind.

I tend to agree with the Teacher on a very basic, fundamental level; I have found, however, that the significance of life comes from perceiving worth. I think that is why I love aphorisms, as their apparent meanings are laid bare and yet they require reflection. Anything that seems to take up more time than it practically should, anything that brings you from start to finish in 10 minutes, yet leaves a resonance of 10 years, somehow infects the vain world with meaning.


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