Concept in 60 Update

So, I’ve been working out how to further my concept in 60. The basic idea of this project is to present a video about my perspective on new media, in 60 seconds.

So what is my perspective?

New media does a lot of things. It brings together old media forms and shows them in new ways; the blending of one or more older forms of media can bring about new understandings, not just from the newly created media, but it can also create novel understandings of older media. Hence the gunfight scenes contrasted together alongside ‘Paper Planes’.

New media also connects us. A major factor, or attribute, of new media is its ability to bring together audience and author in new, previously unimaginable ways. I need to explore this attribute in my video; I’m considering a collage of video clips from: (a) an original video, and (b) its accompanying parodies, in order to show how new media enables the community to respond to the creation quickly and purposefully.

I intend to speed up my video’s segments, make them shorter and more rapid-paced to express the ephemerality of new media. I am considering intentionally distorting and speeding up/slowing down my audio tracks as well.

I don’t have a new draft ready yet. Time, school assignments, and some troubling personal issues have placed my energies elsewhere. By the end of this week, however, I will have a new draft ready in full, and by next week I will have my finished product done, hopefully early in the week so I can submit it for a final review before we present to the class.


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