A Short Response Post I Should’ve Done Yesterday


So I like this post because I think it hits on the point that, for many, Skype is a necessary evil that will eventually get meted out amongst better alternatives.

You say it can be used for gaming, but I know, like any good gamer, that Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble is the way to go there. Because they’re geared towards that type of interaction.

The advertising component is, of course, a money grab; Skype began with free-to-use, now they have to supplement their free-use with some sort of revenue. It’s ok, but perhaps poorly implemented.

At the end you say “they won’t find [perfection] if they continue to ignore what needs to be fixed,” to which I agree. But I think Skype’s done, and it’s time for a new champion of the 1:1 audio/video online program. The essence of innovation is figuring out how to do it better, and someone will eventually, and Skype will die a horrible death (which, honestly, I think it’s already doing).

So yeah, cool post, I agree with you.


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