Evaluation Heuristic Stuff


I chose this piece because I loved how it expressed the “flow” of content, even while it totally eschews the normal understanding of “purpose”. There’s no purpose to the piece, no “message”, beyond what the audience can interpret or extrapolate from it. There’s an amount of interactivity going on here, but the immediate audience is ostensibly removed from the content-creation process; that’s not really what makes this piece interesting. What’s interesting is the story-telling capacity of the media; you can really feel a story being told, even by these necessarily disparate voices. Very cool.


The wikigame is an interesting concept that bears out the interconnectivity of knowledge in its “performance”. The interactivity, the “in-depth” portion of the heuristic seems to be the central idea of the media. As you interact within the game, you explore the possibilities of connections between seemingly unrelated areas of reality (i.e. Bhagavad Gita to Cathode Tube Ray). As another piece without a “message”, the fun of the game tends to provide the entertainment, and fulfillment, that the audience requires. But the beauty of the piece is its inherent assumption, that knowledge is connected, that it is connections.


Steam’s “advertisement” for their upcoming projects is an interesting piece of media not devoted to immediate entertainment. The visual design on the primary page, composed of the top image, and the text and three circles, each containing a small graphic, is expertly designed. As the only piece that incorporates a skillful execution of visual design in its implementation, the Steam piece showcases how the medium can aesthetically portray the message, rather than functionally, as with the wikigame and the longestpoemintheworld. Clicking each of the the three graphic-circles sends you to a different page, each detailing a component of their upcoming hardware/software release; each graphic details the interconnectivity of their work, and thus the overall intent of their products. This piece is one of the best examples of an informative, clean, and conceptually concise work of “marketing”.


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