Syllabus Response

Gonna be honest: every time I read the Competencies, Touchstone Requirements, and Course Goals I find myself wondering how many times they’ve been read by the people who write them. I get their importance and everything, but I think pretty much everyone has read them at some point and now we simply gloss over them. Which I’m okay with.

What I want out of this class is to learn more about how technology is able to influence the way we view things like literature and art. I’ve looked at more art and literature online than I ever have in books, and I feel that there’s a distinct difference in the effect that the medium generates. There’s almost a devaluing of significance that occurs when print becomes electronic, yet things that are native to electronic mediums don’t seem to suffer the same sort of effect; I mean, I’ve experienced things online that I know have shaped part of my perspective on the world, and yet there’s still a feeling like the the electronic medium is something shallower for some reason. I want to break this assumption in this class, and begin to appreciate the medium as much as the message.


One thought on “Syllabus Response

  1. I agree that reading and looking at things online do have a different effect on people than looking in an actual book. When something is in print it cannot be manipulated, which is one reason why I feel more comfortable reading things in print. Don’t get me wrong, online articles and other forms of writing online are great as well, but I just love having something to read in my hands.

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